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According to some, I am an over-qualified stay-at-home mom. I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and a Masters of Business Administration. I worked for a US Senator for 3 years before entering the marketing field. I absolutely loved everything about my job but decided that my place was at home raising my son. So after three years of branding, PR, trade shows and ads, I “retired”. People often ask me if I miss working and I do, but not as much as I would miss seeing my son grow up. And, I still do projects from time to time, so I’m not really retired.

I met my husband in college and we were married in August 2005. We became a family of three in May 2008 and a family of four in October 2011. We live in a small town in South Carolina. We love sports, the outdoors, our four dogs and everything about living in the “country”.


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  1. Hello! My husband and I lived in a small SC town, Hartsville, SC for 38 years. About 13 years ago we returned to Greenville, SC to be near family. We did not have family anywhere near Hartsville or we would never have moved. Hartsville is a very lovely town and we were very happy raising children, attending Church, and Joe working in the Bank of Hartsville. Could not help but wonder if you are now living in Hartsville. It is absolutely FULL of Cokers and related Coker family. A great town with The Governor’s School for Math and Science, Coker College, and other businesses. Also, it is a lovely town with beautiful trees and lots of spring flowers.

    Joanne Cothran


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