Portrait Photo Session

This morning we had Reaves’ 2 year old portrait photo session with Louise Thompson Dailey. Lou is my first cousin’s half-sister. I have long admired her work, especially the portrait she did of my cousin. Lou has a way of capturing her subject’s personality. Her work is so life-like. There are really not enough ways to describe how talented she is. Well, her year long waiting list may be a start.

Lou starts with a photo session. She is very accommodating and drove 2 hours to come to my house. She spends time getting to know her subject and takes lots of pictures – she took over 300 of Reaves! She’ll then go through them to see which ones are best. Then she finally starts on the portrait. Lou does both oil and pastel – either head/shoulders, 3/4 with hands or full body. I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted (because they are all so good) but ultimately decided on a head/shoulders pastel.

Here are some of my favorites from Lou’s portfolio:

I cannot wait to see Lou’s portrait of Reaves! Don’t worry, I’ll post it once I get it.

If you are looking for a portrait artist, please consider Lou Dailey – she is amazing!


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