What’s Keeping You From Believing?

Today, our Pastor spoke on a very interesting and thought provoking topic about following Jesus. The Scripture Focus was Luke 24: 13-35. If you aren’t familiar with these verses, please read them now before proceeding.

Perhaps the most well-known portion of these verses is the saying, “foolish of heart and slow to believe”. This specifically relates to the acceptance of Jesus Christ and believing in him. According to Pastor Mike, many people don’t truly believe in Jesus. They may indeed attend church and say they are a Christian but something keeps them from becoming a believer. They make excuses, they have doubts, they are disappointed with the way their life has turned out or they are mad that the Lord did not answer their prayers. These things keep them from believing. This was the basis of Pastor Mike asking us, “what is keeping you from believing”?

Yes, I am a believer and yes, I pray to the Lord for certain things to happen – the healing for a friend’s baby, the improving health of my ailing grandfather, my winning the lottery :). Does everything always work out like I plan, no. Am I often disappointed, yes. Do I keep believing, yes. I just keep reminding myself that these things happen for a reason and I really do not have control over them – the Lord does. He has a plan and I have to trust in him.

This leads me to my favorite part of the sermon…

In relation to the Scripture, Pastor Mike pointed out that even though Cleopas and his friend invited Jesus into their home, Jesus acted as the host. He then asked us if Jesus was a guest or a host in our heart. Is Jesus knocking at your door? Is he a guest in your house? Or is he the host of your heart?

Of course, this is just my interpretation of the sermon. What do you think? Listen for yourself – Pastor Mike’s sermon’s are available for listening or download.

Side Note: As I am writing this, we are watching the newest Simpsons episode in which Mr. Burns accepts the Lord in prison. Mr. Burns did not stay a believer once he got out BUT the prison prophet kept asking others if they knew Jesus Christ. Ironic? I think not.


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