Full Sentences

I know I couldn’t wait for Reaves to be able to tell me what he wanted and what was wrong, but where did my little boy go? He is now talking in full sentences – basic, small ones, but sentences nonetheless. My favorite by far is “where did ___ go?” He’ll hold his palms up and out to the side by his shoulders when he asks this question. He uses his soft, sweet voice and cuts his eyes towards you. He’ll wander around until he finds the person or you tell him where ___ went. It is so cute.

Here are some of the other sentences he can say:
– I fix/did/got it
– I comin’/climb’d/burped/etc
– A train comin’
– Almost home

His biggest sentence to date was in response to me asking him “do you want to call daddy and see where he is”? Reaves’ response was “daddy still at work”. I was amazed! Go Reaves!


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