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I am a bit of a massage junkie. Little did my mom know what would happen when she took my sister and I to get a massage at the massage institute by our house when we were in high school. Since then, I’ve received massages in 3 countries and 2 states (including my home state). Once I set up permanent roots, I tried 6 different places until I found the perfect fit. Unfortunately, my massage therapist recently decided to go back to school. Yes, I’m very happy for her, but what am I to do? I guess I’ll have to start the search over.

BUT…in the meantime, I’ll get my massages at The MoM Spa whenever I’m in the Charleston area.

Where, oh where, to begin?

What is The MoM Spa? According to their site, “MoM Spa celebrates all women! We are by women and for ALL women…We LOVE moms! But don’t let the name fool ya, we are here to serve and pamper ALL women!”

And do they pamper! I have never been so relaxed. Was it the breathing recommendations, the ultra comfy table or the hot stones? All the above and then some. Owner Christy Schachte, has a unique style that is by far more relaxing and effective than anywhere I’ve ever been. And did I mention that I’ve had lots of massages? 🙂 In addition to relaxation, I get massages because I carry most of my stress in my shoulders and the result is some very annoying and painful stress knots. Christy melted these knots away without using the “roller pin” method that so many other therapists use. I’ve never felt better after a massage and I can’t wait to try out some of The MoM Spa’s other services.

Oh yeah, The MoM Spa also has a blog where they talk about “How to enjoy your massage: Five simple things you can do before, during, and after...” and other useful tips. Visit The MoM Spa blog today!

My final bit of praise – If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d hire my own personal massage therapist and she would be Christy Schachte from The MoM Spa.


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