Reaves – 22 months

Reaves will be 22 months old in about a week. It is hard to believe that he entered our lives almost 2 years ago. He continues to amaze us everyday. He is talking but a storm. He is starting to put together small sentences and is really good with his pronouns. One of my favorites is “I burped”. Don’t worry, we’re working on “excuse me”.

While we were gone this weekend, he got to meet Hollis’ aunt, uncle and cousin from TN. We were bummed that we missed them. Reaves loved showing off for Michael, Beth and Melanie. This included showing them all his trucks and he even brought them a picture of Hollis and me and told them who we were.

When we got home, he continued to show off, by…

bringing us some of his animals – kitty cat, dog and duck (sorry for the blurriness)

and drinking out of daddy’s cup, well sort of…


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