Birthstone Love

I’ve found that girls either love or hate their birthstone. Typically, there’s no in-between. The ones that love their birthstones are the lucky ones born in February (Amethyst), April (Diamond), May (Emerald), July (Ruby), September (Sapphire) – and some in June since the modern birthstone is the Pearl. The rest of us “unlucky” ones don’t have the well-known or glamorous birthstones. Mine is Garnet, which isn’t as spectacular as the Ruby (or as expensive, which can be good). Other than a pair of earrings my mom’s first cousin gave me (and a ring that I outgrew in middle school), I’ve never owned anything with a Garnet. And I never wanted to since I am a die-hard Clemson fan and despise anything Carolina (their colors are garnet & black for you non-SC people or non-SEC fans). I’m only half serious. 😉 But I changed my mind when I fell in LOVE with this Garnet and Diamond ring from Ross-Simons. Now, if I can just convince Reaves (I mean Hollis) that this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift and nothing else will do.


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