Local is better and cheaper

We hear a lot about how local produce is better and cheaper (lower fuel costs) and it is, by far…but did you know that in Gilbert phone, Internet and cable is also better and cheaper? Recently Comporium bought PBT and upgraded their network, service, offering, etc. They are in the process of signing up customers for their new Fiber to the Home packages.

Tonight we signed up for the following package:
– Basic phone service – local calling, enhanced Caller ID w/ Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, Call Return, Repeat Dialing and Speed Dialing 8 along with 2,000 minutes of nationwide long distance
– Prime Digital TV – 2 rooms w/ 113 channels, free HD DVR, 23 HD channels and an additional TV with 21 basic channels (which includes ESPN, FOX News, Weather Channel and more)
– Broadband Internet – speed: 5M x 5M

Wait for it…the total monthly cost is just under $100. Can you believe? It’s true. We are getting more than we did with Satellite and will be saving about $30 a month.

If you live in the PBT service area and are interested in this deal, call Rick Taylor at (803) 317-8346.

Support your local Cable/TV/Internet provider and save!


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